Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is reality....Right?

Okay I don't know how I can top last week's question so I'm not even going to try. Maybe this is too easy but I liked thinking about the answer. So in honor of Survivor's four hundredth season or whatever it is (never liked/watched the show honestly) I would like to know everyone's opinion on their favorite reality show. Now this is not reality like game show kind of think like Jeopardy or anything like that, this is cuthroat, drama-filled off on a island with no tv REALITY show. Haha but we won't go into how reality it is.... So there we are:

What is your favorite reality tv show?!

Heidi: My choice for this is definitely going to be Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I can not get enough of this show. And even though they seem to always have the same people on and the same drama I love it. I mean they breed the drama; endless supply of alcohol, no television, basically the only thing for them to do is drink, hook up, and fight with each other. Which they're awesome at. But the part of the show that I truly love to watch are the challenges. They are so original and more puzzle like than any I've seen. I really really enjoy watching the relatively unintelligent people solve puzzles where they have to spell words or drop 100 feet into the water. It's priceless. And the physical challenges are fantastic because they guys are so macho that they get so unbelievably into the competition. It's fantastic and I just love it. Each round gets more awesome. Well except for the survivor style one, I wasn't that into that one. And they get super hosts to come in each season, like TJ Lavin who although he looks like a total bore to be around, he's still nice to look at.
Cory: Well Heidi kind of stole my answer but then I was thinking about it and I can’t stand when all the guys are like oh the girls, we don’t need the girls and then they hit the puzzle and 9/10 times it is the girl solving it. But since Heidi is a big fat thief! Here is my new choice pretty much any of The Housewives shows I find them hilarious and ridiculous and well they make me feel very normal. For example I find it very funny when a character says when I was 27 I only needed 1 Botox shot and now that I am 32 I need 2 shots. When in my head I am thinking you got Botox when you were 27! That is only a few years older than I am right now! Full of priceless moments like this from all over the country. I can’t even describe why I find it so funny. But that is my choice because I tune in every week.