Monday, May 24, 2010

Sue Sylvester

I realize that I mentioned Glee and Sue in the last post that I did, but this is more of an homage.  I have always loved Jane Lynch in pretty much everything she's been in because she's always the sarcastic, borderline mean person and I find that really funny.  I know that I maybe shouldn't because she is being mean, but just like Kara admitted she laughs when people fall, I'll admit I think it's hilarious when others are mean (in a purely fictional set-up of course ; ).  Honestly if I was an actor on this show I would have a very difficult time not laughing when I'm being mercilessly insulted by Sue.  I believe my favorite insult of the season was when she sensed Will was behind her and then said, "Ah Will, I knew it was you from the baking cookie smell coming from the little elves that live in your hair."  HA!  How incredibly random is that?  I loved it.  So all that has been impressing me, but then for the icing on the cake, in the last couple of episodes she has sung!  She's done Madonna and Olivia Newton-John.  And she's been amazing.  Her music videos are pure gold and have just made me like her even more.  I think she is my favorite character on tv right now.  Well favorite girl character anyway!  Yay team Sue!