Thursday, April 29, 2010

And we're back...

Whew! Been a long time. But I'm feeling like I don't want to work SO here I am.  Haha apparently, finding new jobs, finals, having children, etc. really fills up our lives!  But I thought I'd lighten the mood and give a review of a movie I know at least two of my other Hackers has seen. 

Now I did not see the 3D version, one because they are 5 extra dollars here in Michigan, and also because I truly dislike 3D movies.  But I did go to a late night version with my friend and a blanket and it was awesome.  This movie was super cute and I totally adored all the voices in it.  The dragons were SO dang cute and I loved that they didn't talk.  I think it totally would have ruined the movie if the dragons had talked.  And it allowed them to have such cute facial expressions.  Overall it was just a super cute cartoon and is added to my growing list of favorites.  What can I say, I'm just a kid at heart always.

Some other things that I've been enjoying lately are the abundance of good tv shows on.  My favs include:
*In Plain Sight.  Honestly I just can't get enough of this show.
*Cougartown.  So funny and I love Courtney Cox and the neighbor.
*Modern Family.  Funny. The. End.
*Justified.  Oh my Timothy Olyphant.  Him and his Southern accent I could watch all day and night...
*Glee.  As always.  Love the singing and love that crazy Sue Sylvester is back.
Love it.