Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Reads Website

Warning this site is completely addictive and you will be on their forever.
Basically this is a website where you can connect with your friends and all the books they have, are or will be reading. It is like having access to their booksleves at all time. You also rate and review them. My friend Kelley signed me up and now I am spending far too much time on it.

So try it out and if you like it friend me!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

13 Reasons Why/ Adele 21/ A Discovery of Witches

13 Reasons Why By Jay Asher
      This is a story about a girl who commits suicide and then records 13 tapes each side has a a different story that involves a different person who she says contributed to her act.

Product Details      I have no idea why I liked this book maybe it is because you never really know what these people are thinking- even after reading this book you do not know. To be honest I was just curious as to what she would say to the people she felt take part. Would it be vengeful, angry, reflective or more at peace with it all? And I also just cared about the character in the book who receives the tapes. The one who we are listening to the tapes with. I want him to be ok, to be able to not let this wreck him and get something, anything out of the situation. But I would recommend this book to anyone who deals with teenagers, works at a crisis line, has depression in their family (friends included) or even had a bad time in HS. Because it could always be worse, and sadly enough there are signs. It gives you a small piece of the puzzle and that is more than most can do.
      And honestly she tries she does.

Adele 21
Product Details      I loved her first CD 19 and to be honest I like a girl who stands behind her voice and talent and not the flash. I was a little wary with this CD because many of the reviews I read referred to it as a Classic. And while I would not go that far, the girl has lungs. and it will remain in heavy rotation in my library.
 Love love love: Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain, Rumor Has It- well most of the CD.

Product DetailsA Discovery of Witches by Deborah E. Harkness
      I am a quarter through this book, and here is what I think it is about. OK we have the Witch/Vampire friendship going. Their search for their origin- why they are the way they are. It involves evolution, genetics, accepting your power, and basically the class system all the supernatural creatures have set for themselves: The Witches, Daemons and Vampires. What grounds it is this Vampire/Witch combo are professors, have doctorates in various fields and are going after this idea from both sides. They are researching it and using their supernatural powers to look into it. It all takes place at Oxford. So far I love it, but really mix genetics even slightly in with anything supernatural and I am hooked.

Check out if you need to spice up your Music Library: The Black Keys, Sleigh Bells and Sharon Jones. Very unique sound for each and lots of talent and last time I checked super cheap on Amazon MP3.