Saturday, March 13, 2010

April 30th

This is coming to Phoenix's Dodge Theater April 30th:
Possibly the best tour title ever (his exit agreement with NBC even prohibited him from giving interviews until September, they really don't want him spreading any stories about what horrible people they are. Fortunately Andy Richter is doing it for him- did you see him guest hosting with Kelly on "Regis & Kelly" last week? It was awesome.) Also, Conan is not making any money off of this personally- he's doing all right with his $32.5 million from NBC, of course- but instead is employing his former staffers to work the tour.

So, I'm going to be 32 weeks along in this pregnancy tomorrow, and because of the horrible ending of the last one we're looking at inducing at the earliest at 36 weeks (April 12th) or at the latest April 26th. How bad would it be to take 5 day old, 1 week and 5 days old, or 2 weeks and 5 days old baby to a Conan show? It's never too early to teach them what's really funny in life, right?


Heidi said...

MM I think you're okay :) because when momma's happy then everyone is happy!!

Cory B. said...

Couldn't you just pump and get a babysitter?

Kara said...

Yeah, some people get scared to watch a 5 day old, or an almost 3 week old! :) But we'll see . . . grandmas certainly don't scare easily!

Cory B. said...

Use the Grandma!
Did you guys also here that the guy who made this poster just made it in support and now he is getting paid. That is pretty awesome of them too.

Kara said...

Yeah, he started the Facebook campaign with that picture and it said "I'm With Coco." I joined the facebook group a few hours after it formed and now there's over 1 million in it, and Mike (I really should learn his last name) went from little known graphic design artist in LA to Conan's tour guy. How cool is that?

And I totally would use the grandma, but they live in different states. Sigh.

Abbey said...

Kara you have someone who'll take your baby right here! And Allie too :)