Monday, August 22, 2011

Ode to the Series Part Uno

Recently I saw most of the HACK group and it reminded me about our lovely little blog It also re-invigorated me to start again. And when this morning I woke up with an idea in my head to write about- I set to it.
I am making a new commitment to the old blogging, if we were married we would have a renewal of our vows somewhere on a beach (in my head all renewal of vows are on beaches).
I also saw most of the HACK group at the last Harry Potter movie where I cried real tears. Tears that I knew would turn into the ugly cry so I shoved my tongue against the roof of my mouth to make it stop (bt dub it also helps with sneezes). And it was not that the movie was so depressing it just felt like the end of something I would miss. The movie taught me a couple of lessons: never trust anyone at a bank, or anyone who has a fascination with snakes, sometimes you should trust some people and Dragon Abuse is never funny. But this made me think about all the series in my life and while there is something great about one book there is also something fantastic about revisiting characters over and over again.
So this is part 1 of a 3 part blog Ode to the Series. Why? Because then maybe I will blog. Ha ha self I tricked you.
First part the books, second part the movies and third part the miniseries.
-HP: If you know some die hard Fantasy/Sci Fi fans you may get some flack for loving these and extolling all their originality. But I cannot help it. I read the first when I was 13 and was hooked from then on. It was so easy for me to walk into this world. And the fact that the series ended when I was only a few years older than the main characters made me feel like we got to grow up together.

-The Hunger Games: My little sister recently read the first of these books while in a cabin in Russia with the rest of the people from her school program. And she found herself wondering who each of them would be and what action they would take. That is what these books do to you- they shake your mentality a little bit. Make you wonder how you would behave in a world that demands you to kill others to survive yourself.

-Mercy Thompson Books (Patricia Briggs): These are books about a shifter mechanic who is entangled with the local werewolf pack and den of vampires. They are a heavier fluff mostly fun but some dark elements. Except the one with the demon named Cory in it because well it freaked me out to hear my name doing those things. Thanks a lot Patricia!

-Merit Books & Dark Elite: Chloe Neil writes about The Vampire Houses of Chicago in the Merit Books and a Boarding School with rumblings in the basement in The Dark Elite. And she uses Chicago like an extra character in her book, making me want to go there more and more. These really are just fun fantasy novels she lets one out every 6 months or so too so you don’t have to wait that long to check in with your charecters.

Holding off but I love the first book:Warning these first 2 are in the very beginning of their runs and both books end with so much in the air I was convinced my trusty Kindle had malfunctioned and left the last few chapters off.

-A Discovery of Witches: Genetics and Witches and Vampires oh my. A smart novel about the origin of all and the question of the difference between them. This book is also about power and who gets to make the rules between all these groups.

-My Name is Memory: A book about 2 soul mates quite literally who travel from life to life searching for one another. And another soul who is also looking for them- well at least that is as simple as I can make it.

-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Some of you die hard Austen fans might take offense. But the dark humor in this book was hilarious to me and you still get most if not all of the original P&P story. There is also a prequel and a sequel I am going to start soon. Oh and in case you are still not sold Elizabeth is not the zombie she just kills them. I also got each for $1 on Amazon and that never hurts.
Ok so what series are the rest of you into? Come on sharing is caring.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Reads Website

Warning this site is completely addictive and you will be on their forever.
Basically this is a website where you can connect with your friends and all the books they have, are or will be reading. It is like having access to their booksleves at all time. You also rate and review them. My friend Kelley signed me up and now I am spending far too much time on it.

So try it out and if you like it friend me!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

13 Reasons Why/ Adele 21/ A Discovery of Witches

13 Reasons Why By Jay Asher
      This is a story about a girl who commits suicide and then records 13 tapes each side has a a different story that involves a different person who she says contributed to her act.

Product Details      I have no idea why I liked this book maybe it is because you never really know what these people are thinking- even after reading this book you do not know. To be honest I was just curious as to what she would say to the people she felt take part. Would it be vengeful, angry, reflective or more at peace with it all? And I also just cared about the character in the book who receives the tapes. The one who we are listening to the tapes with. I want him to be ok, to be able to not let this wreck him and get something, anything out of the situation. But I would recommend this book to anyone who deals with teenagers, works at a crisis line, has depression in their family (friends included) or even had a bad time in HS. Because it could always be worse, and sadly enough there are signs. It gives you a small piece of the puzzle and that is more than most can do.
      And honestly she tries she does.

Adele 21
Product Details      I loved her first CD 19 and to be honest I like a girl who stands behind her voice and talent and not the flash. I was a little wary with this CD because many of the reviews I read referred to it as a Classic. And while I would not go that far, the girl has lungs. and it will remain in heavy rotation in my library.
 Love love love: Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain, Rumor Has It- well most of the CD.

Product DetailsA Discovery of Witches by Deborah E. Harkness
      I am a quarter through this book, and here is what I think it is about. OK we have the Witch/Vampire friendship going. Their search for their origin- why they are the way they are. It involves evolution, genetics, accepting your power, and basically the class system all the supernatural creatures have set for themselves: The Witches, Daemons and Vampires. What grounds it is this Vampire/Witch combo are professors, have doctorates in various fields and are going after this idea from both sides. They are researching it and using their supernatural powers to look into it. It all takes place at Oxford. So far I love it, but really mix genetics even slightly in with anything supernatural and I am hooked.

Check out if you need to spice up your Music Library: The Black Keys, Sleigh Bells and Sharon Jones. Very unique sound for each and lots of talent and last time I checked super cheap on Amazon MP3.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh the Fall I Love You Mostly for Your TV & the Boots & Sweaters ...

So since I was beyond late on answering the weekly question- so sorry I am a slacker but now sitting here at my computer with a belly full of Breakfast Burrito I am ready to contemplate all the wonder that Fall TV has to offer me and you! I am a fair amount OCD so when I get my Fall TV EW I write all the shows I am interested in into my trusty planner- I know but I have real stuff in there too. Here is the list with premieres dates after:

Alright all of these I am putting together because they are on the same channel and well we all know what this channel is about since these premiered early too this is also a tad review.

Gossip Girl- I love this show because most of the time it is just fun and dramatic and since I tend to live a pretty drama-free existence it is perfectly fine for me. And the premiere was just that pretty fluff with the flair for the dramatic.

Nikkita- I am still looking to fill that void Alias left. While this show is more fun than Alias was, so far it is worth giving a chance too. I find myself contemplating this though is man I wish they would mix this in with Covert Affairs I feel that would be the perfect cocktail of spy show!

The Vampire Diaries- While I am more of a Paul Wesley girl I have a feeling that, even though they are doing the tired addition of Werewolves, this season is going to be as Oh My Heck as last season. And from the first ep it is definitely true.

Supernatural (24th) - I just got into this show because I was able to catch all of the last seasons on Cable. And I am now addicted- the last seasons have been really well done and I am looking forward to more Winchester Brothers. It takes that whole monster a week show to a new level. 

I am also looking forward to these shows too:
The Good Wife (28th) - this show is so tight as far as storylines, characters and the acting goes it is pretty insane. Although I am new viewer thanks to my mom I can’t want to see who she chooses: her old college friend/boss or the man she stood by and the fact that I consider either a choice shows how well the show was done!
Hawaii 5-O (20th )- Umm fun!

Grey’s (23rd) - Of course after that crazy finale last year I want to know how my Seattle Grace is doing!

And then old faves: Cougartown (22nd), Bones (23rd), Glee (21st), Justified and Chuck (20th)!

Yes my DVR is going to be a land of plenty this year and now I will go back to trying to convince myself that 80 degree weather is perfectly suitable for jeans tucked into boots. Happy Viewing!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review-Secrets of a Lady

So, I finished this book a couple of days ago, and I wanted to jump right on FB and shout out that this was one of the best books I've ever read.  But then, I reconsidered, I didn't want to sound to dorky blah blah blah.  However, I am now shouting my dorkiness from the rooftops on the HACK blog!  Part of why I'm so excited about this book is because it's not a hugely popular book.  I found it at the library just browsing, picking out books that looked intriguing.  Little did I know I'd want to read it over and over again.  When I discovered she has a sequel in the Melanie and Charles Fraser series (this book is the 1st), I just about ran in my pajamas to my library to pick it up.  I mean, if I didn't already have a niece named Melanie, I would seriously consider re-naming Kyndal. 
Synopsis:  It takes place in London, around 1819 (after all the Napoleon Bonaparte business).  Charles and Melanie Fraser are high class, the picture of perfection.  Charles is the grandson of a Duke and Melanie is beautiful (of course).  I don't want to give away too much, in case anyone wants to read it, but one night while they are at a party, something terrible happens.  It forces them to venture into their past as well as into the nastier bits of London to find an heirloom ring.  It forces their deep secrets into light, and forces them to decide how far their deceptions can go. 
Gosh, it is so very good.  The story was really great, lots of good plot twists and things I didn't see coming at all.  My favorite part though was how it read, the author did a fab job of describing the characters, both physically and their emotions.  I, to be supremely dorkily honest, read the majority of the book in an English accent to myself (and French for Melanie).  I adore when books get turned into movies, and I'd like to personally go to Hollywood and find someone who'll make this book a movie!!!  Superb.  Lovely.  Compelling.  Done, the end. 

Fall fall fall

Here's my question not only for my fellow hackers, but just in general (since I haven't decided yet).

What show are we MOST excited about in the next couple weeks?  Whether it's starting new or coming back from recess???

Heidi:  I am so many things that I'm excited for I kind of can't choose just one.  But I'll try and list them out just because I'm borderline narcissistic and think you care :).
First:  Community.  Um can we just say Betty White with blow darts.  Cannot wait for this.  This also opens the door for all the other comedies such as Modern Family (by far the funniest show of last season) and Glee.  Granted Glee should prob be another entry but it just looks way awesome.
Second:  House.  I completely adore House and can't wait for more borderline mean one liners that I can say in my head when I'm judging people.
Third:  Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice.  I actually haven't seen when this starts but I'm excited anyway.
Fourth:  Football.  I won't elaborate but I'm excited.
I think that's about all I have right now.  Or at least all I can rememberize.

Abbey:  Modern Family!!  I need me some Phil!  And Cam!  Funniest show on TV, hands down.  I know, I know, Community could go for that title as well, however, the humor kills me in ModFam.  I like the fake reality show format, it makes for some really excellent situations and comedy. 
Community!!  Joel McHale has been sorely missed in our home, 1/2 an hour a week of the Soup is just not enough!
Glee!!  Duh.  No brainer. 
Grey's/PP!!  I need my drama fix! 
CSINY!!  I'm a sucker for the forensics stuff.
Justified!! STAT. Like, soon.  Oh and Timothy Olyphant is a fabulous added bonus. 
All the teenage-y shows I rarely admit I crave-90210, OTH, Vamp Diaries (ok, I'll admit to that one because DAY-UM Ian Smolderhalder is my 2nd favorite person in the world to drool over), and this new Hellcats show that I think I hate but I still want to watch. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This week in news....

Well I thought I would get this going this week (pretending that we've been doing this every week :). But I really only have one thing. Just the thing that I love this week. And here it is.

Lifetime shows three episodes of Grey's Anatomy per week day. Last week they started from the very beginning of Season 1 which I never saw. Needless to say I am SO excited to have me some Grey's over the summer. And even better (and the part I l.o.v.e. this week): we have reached the part in the season in which one Chris O'Donnell comes to Seattle. He is possibly my most favorite teenage crush. Three Musketeers anyone??!! I'm just fabulously excited to have me some drama that I've been sorely missing over the summer. And it's making me so very excited for the upcoming Fall.

I cannot think of anything I didn't particularly like this week...everything else was just standard.

Kara: Way to get us rolling on this, Heidi! I've been thinking how I need to do this all week, so thanks for providing the motivation.

I'll start with the worst, and this is something Abbey and I have talked about before (she might have even blogged about it too) but I was reminded of again during a few morning nursing sessions this week. I can't stand Regis Philbin. My mom likes Regis & Kelly, and I find Kelly pretty funny and as morning talk shows go, its not bad. But seriously, why does Regis have such a big ego? Why is he even famous? Why does he think he's so much better than everyone around (guests included?) And has he always been this blatant with his pretentiousness? I stopped watching after a few minutes because I wanted to smack his ridiculously blonde head.

That said, the best thing I watched this week was Anderson Cooper guest hosting with Kelly. Those two have really good chemistry, and Anderson Cooper was surprisingly down to earth and funny. He also handled being teased by Kelly really well, which definitely isn't always the case with guys in show business. Case in point: Regis. Ugh.

I also loved this week's (last weeks?) "Royal Pains." I'm really liking the story line with Evan and this new girl he likes, and him getting shot by her father in the rump while hunting was hilarious. I liked when he told Divia and Hank that he was still being her paid escort because it made him happy to see her happy. "Wow," Divia said. "They grow up so fast." "They really do," Hank replied. I've been quoting that all week.